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How well do you Know your Catholic Faith?

We sometimes take for granted knowledge of our Catholic faith and assume that our children know information that is basic to us.  In the coming weeks we are going to renew and test our knowledge as SPA shares the “KNOW YOUR FAITH” assessments.   Click the links below to see how much you recall about your Catholic teachings!!!   And don’t forget to check in frequently for newly updated assessments.

In our first assessment, we want to familiarize ourselves with how special our parish is. Each and every member of our parish has unique talents that attribute to the overall community, and this includes our young people.
Pope Francis says “We are also strengthened — ‘confirmed’ — in the grace of our baptism and in our mission of bearing daily witness to Christ and his love.”  This daily witness takes place in our parishes and diocese.


WEEK #1    Knowing your Parish and Diocese

WEEK#2    Prayer and Devotion  

WEEK#3    Prayer and Devotion (continued)

WEEK#4    The Apostles’ Creed

WEEK#5    The Beatitudes

WEEK #6   Stations of the Cross

WEEK #7   Catholic Teachings

WEEK #8  Misc. Catholic Questions

WEEK #9  Sacraments

WEEK #10 Liturgical Celebrations

WEEK #11  Church Leadership and Structure

WEEK #12  The Bible

WEEK #13  Who Am I ?

WEEK #14  Final Assessment