Parish Organizations

Parish Council

The Parish Council’s responsibility is to maintain the integrity of the parish mission and related parish goals through ongoing pastoral planning under the direction of the pastor. The Council is made up of elected and appointed representatives from the parish. The Parish Council meets monthly usually on the fourth Tuesday of the month.

Contact: TBA

Members: President-TBA; President Elect – TBA; Secretary -TBA; Stewardship – Jim Nowak; LifeTeen/Edge – Paula Hubert; Finance – Brian Thorstad; Parish Life – Eileen Galley, Mic Sweeney; Worship – Ryan Rudolph, Tom Madison; Education – Paula Hubert; Parish Plant – Bob Scanlon; Elected by Parishioners – Celi Tambon, Michael Barker, Traci Best, Scott Swenson, Jim Nowak, Kristy Thorstad

Parish Finance Committee

This committee is a “consultative body, advisory to the pastor in his role as administrator of the temporal goods of the parish.” Members are selected for their “expertise in financial matters, banking, accounting, and other business skills.” The Parish Finance Committee meets every other month.

Diocesan Parish Finance Regulations and Guidelines [pdf]

Contact: Brian Thorstad