Know Your Faith-Week 13: Who Am I?



Week 13 Know Your Faith

Week 13 Who Am I?

Identify each Biblical character, selecting from the names below.

Abraham      David      Moses     Judas    Iscariot     Sarah     Jacob    Nicodemus    Solomon Isaiah    Esther    Paul    Jesus    Michael     Stephen    Gabriel   Simon    Peter     Rebecca Raphael    Mary     Magdalene    Elizabeth
  1. __________I am known as the “Father of many nations”
  2. __________I was a Jewish queen.
  3. __________I am the father of twelve sons. God renamed me Israel.
  4. __________I am the barren wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac.
  5. __________I am the mother of twins, Esau and Jacob.
  6. __________I am a prophet who foretold the coming of Jesus.
  7. __________I led the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery.
  8. __________I am a wise man, whom many sought out for advice.
  9. __________I am a king of the Israelites; promises made to me are fulfilled in Jesus.
  10. __________My name means “Rock.” I am considered to be the first Pope.
  11. __________I changed my name to this after my conversion on the road to Damascus.
  12. __________Jesus cleansed me of demons and I became his follower.
  13. __________I am the one who betrayed Jesus.
  14. __________I am the mother of John the Baptist.
  15. __________I am a Pharisee who sought out Jesus to learn the Truth.
  16. __________I am the first Christian martyr.
  17. ________, _______, ________We are the three named archangels.

Remember you are Chosen, just as each of these men and women were chosen. So this week we challenge you to learn how these biblical figures answered the call

Who am I?




  1. Abraham
  2. Esther
  3. Jacob
  4. Sarah
  5. Rebecca
  6. Isaiah
  7. Moses
  8. Solomon
  9. David
  10. Peter
  11. Paul
  12. Mary Magdalene
  13. Judas
  14. Elizabeth
  15. Nicodemus
  16. Stephen
  17. Gabriel, Michael, Raphael


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