Week #2 – Know Your Faith – Prayer & Devotion


Week 2: Prayer and Devotion                                                 


  1. What are the four traditional forms of prayer?
    1. Prayer of Adoration and Blessing
    2. The Prayer of Thanksgiving
    3. Prayer of Praise
    4. Prayer of Intercession

        2.     Fill in the blanks

In the _____ of the ______, and of the _______, and of the  _______ _______,Amen.


  1. The Lord’s Prayer is the one prayer that Jesus Himself taught His disciples. (Found in  these two synoptic gospels: Matthew 6:9-13 and Luke 11: 2-4)

Fill in the blanks.

Our Father, who _______ in _________,

__________be thy ________;

Thy ____________ come;

Thy __________ be done;

On __________as it is in __________.

Give_______this________our daily ___________.

And forgive us _____ _________

As we ________________those who trespass against us.;

And lead us _____into_________,

But _____________us from ___________. Amen


  1. The Hail Mary begins with words from Sacred Scripture found in Luke 1:28; Luke 1:42.


“Call on Mary with devotion, and she will not leave your needs unattended, since she is merciful, indeed the Mother of Mercy.” St. Bernard of Clairvaux

Fill in the blank.

Hail Mary, ______of______,

the _______is with  thee!

________ art thou among  ______,

and __________ is the _________ of thy ______, Jesus.


Holy Mary, ________of______,

pray for us _________,

___________and at the hour of our _________._______.


  1.   Glory Be: Doxology

A doxology is a short prayer of praise usually directed to the whole Trinity; this is the most common in the West”  (EWTN)

Fill in the blanks:

Glory be to the ______,

And to the ________,

And to the _________ _________,

As it was in the ________________,

Is __________, and ever _________be,

World without ___________. Amen


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