Know Your Faith-Week 11: Church Leadership and Structure



Week 11 Know Your Faith

Who is the current pope? What are two significant facts about him?Week 11: Church Leadership and Structure

Answer: Pope Francis

Fact 1: First Pope to take the name Francis

Fact 2: Pope Francis is Jesuit

Fact 3: Pope Francis is from the Americas (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

  1. Define these terms:

ecumenism: movement promoting unity among all Christians

infallibility: A doctrine of the church that the Church, through the power of God, is preserved from the possibility and liability of error in teaching matters of faith and morals. The charism is present in a singular way in the Bishop of Rome – the pope- and in the college of bishops. DIG DEEPER: infallibility

Dogma: A truth taught by the church as revealed by God to which we are called to give our assent of mind and heart.

Archdiocese: a territorial division of the Church governed by an archbishop. It is the primary see of an ecclesiastical province having one or more other diocese.

Diocese: A portion of the people of God which is entrusted for pastoral care to a bishop with the cooperation of the presbyterate.

College of Cardinals: The group serving as consulters to the Holy Father and members of the conclave that elects the new Pope.

Deanery: A section of a diocese made up of parishes and other ecclesiastical institutions within the area under the limited authority of a dean; sometimes a vicariate.

Parish: A stable community of the faithful established within a diocese by the bishop and entrusted to a pastor.

Parish Council: A representative group of members of a parish who advise the pastor on matters pertinent to the parish. It acts in an advisory capacity only.

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