Know Your Faith-Week 12: The Bible


Week 12 Know Your Faith – The Bible

  1. What is the difference between Catholic and Protestant Bibles?



answer: Apocrypha, deuterocanonical texts

Here is an excerpt by James Akin found on EWTN describing the difference between Apocrypha and Deuterocanonical texts and full text here.

When Catholics and Protestants talk about “the Bible,” the two groups actually have two different books in mind.In the sixteenth century, the Protestant Reformers removed a large section of the Old Testament that was not compatible with their theology. They charged that these writings were not inspired Scripture and branded them with the pejorative title “Apocrypha.”

Catholics refer to them as the “deuterocanonical” books (since they were disputed by a few early authors and their canonicity was established later than the rest), while the rest are known as the “protocanonical” books (since their canonicity was established first).

Following the Protestant attack on the integrity of the Bible, the Catholic Church infallibly reaffirmed the divine inspiration of the deuterocanonical books at the Council of Trent in 1546. In doing this, it reaffirmed what had been believed since the time of Christ.

2.    Who were the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus? Name them.


This can be found in Sacred Scripture Luke 6:12-16

1. 7.
2. 8.
3. 9.
4. 10.
5. 11.
6. 12.


1.  Simon Peter   7.   Thomas
2.  Andrew   8.   Matthew
3.   James   9.   James
4.   John   10.  Thaddeus
5.   Philip   11.  Simon
6.   Bartholomew   12.  Judas Iscariot *

*Matthias was elected after the death of Judas Iscariot

Memorization tool!  Baptism

B Bartholomew

A Andrew

P Philip

T Thaddeus, Thomas

I (J) James, James, John, Judas Iscariot

S Simon Peter, Simon

M Matthew


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