Respect Life Ministry


MISSION STATEMENT:  The Parish Respect Life Ministry was created for the purpose of providing all parishioners with information regarding our efforts as Christians and citizens to abolish abortions.  We want to provide avenues where all parishioners can become involved in this important activity.  The Respect Life Ministry is a Non Confrontational activity.


  1. To abolish all abortions through peaceful prayer vigils and non-confrontational demonstrations.
  2. To reduce the number of women who use our local abortion center, thereby forcing it to close due to insufficient money flow.prolife
  3. To direct women who are seeking abortions to counseling that will result in their giving birth to their baby.
  4. To have our parishioners become more actively involved in the Respect Life Ministry by using Parish Bulletin announcements, fund raising, and encouraging them to attend our vigils.


Our parish ministry meets about four times a year to discuss upcoming events.  We currently have seven active members who attend meetings when they are available.

Please contact Jim Nowak at 912-349-3251 for more information about this most important ministry.